Biomass energy is becoming a popular choice for businesses that want to reduce their energy bills without impacting business productivity or their profits. There are several advantages to using biomass energy over conventional energy sources such as gas and electricity.  We have outlined some of them below.

  1. FACT Biomass is a cost effective source of energy and will offer substantial savings on your energy bills
  2. Biomass fuel is available in abundance; Biomass can be produced from a variety of sources so once you switch you should not have to worry about your energy source running out
  3. One of the most environmentally friendly sources of energy, you can be rest assured that you are helping preserve the environment as well as contributing towards your successful Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy
  4. Introduced by the Government in November 2011, the Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI) is one of the main benefits of installing biomass into your business. Businesses can save money by switching to biomass energy as well as make money for using it

At D & J Franks Renewables we are Experts in the Renewable Heating sector and can help find a solution specifically tailored to your business.

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