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D&J Franks Renewables are trusted suppliers of heat pump systems throughout the North East and the UK. With the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) providing financial payback to customers, heat pumps are an ideal solution to lowering your carbon footprint and your energy bills.

What are Heat Pumps?

Heat pumps are a renewable technology that take naturally-occurring heat from the ground or air and turn it into usable heat (for space and central heating) and hot water (for central heating and hot water supply). Heat pumps need electricity to run, but use only a very small amount. As a result, the process is a simple, low cost and efficient way to produce green energy and a sustainable alternative to gas and electric heating.

D&J Franks Renewables supply and install both air source and ground source heat pumps to commercial and domestic customers.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Consistent levels of underground warmth provide a natural and renewable source of heat that we can harness without burning fossil fuels. Ground source heat pumps extract the earth’s heat by circulating water around a series of buried ground pipes and absorbing it. The heat can then be used to power radiators or underfloor heating systems and to provide hot water to a home or commercial property.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps provide efficient heating and hot water by absorbing latent heat from the outside air. This system can be used in almost any location, as heat can be extracted from air temperatures as low as -25°C and boosted to useable levels of warmth for hot water and heating systems. Air source heat pumps are easy to install and can be placed outside of homes and commercial properties.

Benefits of Using Heat Pumps

  • Lower fuel bills – heat pumps use much less energy than traditional electric and gas heating systems as they simply extract heat rather than creating it. As a result, you will save money on your fuel bills and see a significant return on your investment.

  • Payback incentive – both ground and air source heat pumps are a renewable energy source recognised by the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme, which means that you may be eligible to receive an income for the heat you produce.

  • Reduced carbon emissions – heat pump systems produce much less CO2 than conventional heating systems.

  • High efficiency – good heat pumps have efficiency levels of around 300% in general, which means that for every unit of energy used in operation, three units of energy are produced.

  • Reliability – once installed, heat pumps have a long lifespan and require minimal maintenance, making them an extremely reliable source of heating and hot water.

Heat Pump Installations in the North East

If you’re based in the North East and interested in a heat pump installation you may be eligible for funding - find out more on our Heating Incentive Scheme page.

Could air or ground source heating be the right choice for you?


Make money while reducing your carbon footprint with an air or ground source heat pump.

Renewable Heat Incentive

Heat pumps provide efficient and reliable heating and hot water for your home.

District Schemes

Heat multiple properties with district and community heat pump schemes.


The Renewable Heating Incentive can help fund the cost of your installation as well as providing ongoing financial incentive payments.

This government-run scheme offers cash payments for every kilowatt of renewable energy produced through biomass heating and air or ground heat pumps. The RHI is open to eligible commercial and domestic customers in the UK.

Contact us to find out how air or ground source heating can benefit you.

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