Germany Source: Agora Energiewende

This weekend marked a milestone for Germany, where the countries power demand was fulfilled for the first time fully by renewable energy sources.

Solar and wind power peaked at 2 p.m. local time on Sunday, allowing renewables to supply 45.5 gigawatts as demand was 45.8 gigawatts, according to provisional data by Agora Energiewende, a research institute in Berlin. As a result, power prices turned negative during several 15-minute periods yesterday, dropping as low as minus 50 euros a megawatt-hour, according to data from Epex Spot.

Due to the increased flows of clean energy, this has also put pressure on the power grid to the point that the country is considering excluding certain regions from future onshore wind power auctions if local grids are already struggling to keep up with large volumes of renewable energy supplies.

Although this is an outstanding achievement it was commented that although yesterday seen Germany celebrate 100 percent use of renewable energy, this is unlikely to happen full time in the nearby future.

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