Former Home of Shell Oil Boss Turns Green with Biomass

The former home of Shell Oil Chairman, Lord Bearsted has switched from oil to a biomass heating system with the view to create a more sustainable future for the property.

Shell Oil Boss Turns Green

Upton House in Warwickshire was generously gifted to the National Trust in 1948 along with its extensive collection of art and porcelain. With the property using 25,000 litres of oil per annum to stay heated – which is approximately the same usage of around 11 homes, it was clear that a more sustainable system which would work in line with the trusts long term ambitions was needed.

With the biomass heating system installed using two woodpellet boilers, the property is now saving around £6000 per year on its energy bills as well as 55 tonnes in CO2 missions. Four oil boilers were removed with the site which site managers stressed had become an issue with leaks in recent times. The new system is successfully heating the main house, site offices, squash court gallery, restaurant and cottage.

The project took just eight weeks to install and site members have endorsed the change explaining that with the reduction in energy costs by more than £4million per annum, there will be more funds available for the trusts main love- conservation work. The project also compliments the National Trusts aims to be environmentally friendly with Julie Smith, Upton House General Manager, stating that the project has allowed them to lower carbon emissions and meet targets which is to generate 50% of all energy by 2020 from renewable sources.

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