The Granary

The Granary

Domestic Biomass Installation, County Durham
Estimated Renewable Heat Incentive Payback: £21,000 over 7 years
Fuel Efficiency: 92%

Beautifully restored, rural,  family home in County Durham.  Purchased by the present owners in 2015, the property had an existing oil fired traditional heating system.

Their existing heating system was not adequate for the five bedroom detached property and was very expensive to run to the family in terms of costs and also fuel usage. After speaking with Managing Director, David Franks, of D & J Franks Renewables, it was recommended  installing a biomass heating system. This would provide them with maximum heat and hot water output.

A Biomass 43kw Wood Pellet Boiler was installed to the plant room at the property which stood adjacent to the house and was already constructed awaiting usage. An automated feed store was also installed alongside a silo system.

The benefits to having the updated heating system installed at the property is the enjoyment of a state of the art boiler system which is capable of supplying the family's full heat and water supply to the property. The system is fully automated and carbon neutral as well as commended for its energy efficiency. As well as all of these benefits, the family also enjoy reduced costs and fuel emissions which means subsequently costs are lower.

Return On Investment

The estimated return of investment through the Renewable Heating Incentive over 7 years is £21,000 and the fuel efficiency is estimated to be at 92%.