Biomass Frequently Asked Questions

Could you tell me more about the RHI payback rates?

Visit our Renewable Heat Incentive page for further information for the commercial RHI tariff.

Could you survey my property?

Yes, we offer free energy surveys to determine which is the best renewable energy option for your property. If you would like to arrange a free survey please contact us and one of the team will get back to you to arrange a convenient time.

What is a biomass boiler?

A Biomass boiler primarily use wood pellets, chips, shavings or logs. Some boilers can burn a combination of Biomass fuels including wood types, cereals and agricultural by-products.  

With Biomass

  • Fuel supply is readily available
  • Automatic wood fuel boilers developed over 30+ years ago
  • In some regions of Austria  more than  50% of all space heating (commercial & domestic) comes from wood-fired boilers
  • Having a Biomass boiler installed can save you money on your energy bills and make you money through the government’s RHI

The best two reasons to heat with biomass are cost-savings and environmental benefits.

Cost Savings

Heating with biomass can lead to significant annual cost savings, particularly for users that have high heat usage requirements. The cost of heat generated by logs, wood chips, or wood pellets is significantly lower than the cost of heat generated by oil, gas, or electricity: with increasing world demand for fossil fuels, it is likely that this gap will increase further, even after accounting for possible price increases on wood fuel.

We can also service and maintain your Biomass boiler for you.





The Renewable Heating Incentive can help fund the cost of your installation as well as providing ongoing financial incentive payments.

This government-run scheme offers cash payments for every kilowatt of renewable energy produced through biomass heating and air or ground heat pumps. The RHI is open to eligible commercial and domestic customers in the UK.

Contact us to find out how biomass heating can benefit you.

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