Bioenergy Is the Leading Energy Source for Europe

Its been confirmed by the European Biomass Associate in its annual statistic report that bioenergy accounts for more than 60% of all renewable energy which is consumed by Europe’s 28 countries.

Leading Energy Source for Europe

All European countries are committed in achieving their 2020 renewable energy targets and are strongly relying on bioenergy to meet the cut. The report identified that the consumption of bioenergy has almost double between 2001 and 2014, with the trend set to continue. Projections show that the consumption of biomass energy should increase by 33% by 2020.

The demand for biomass has increased immensely due to it being the only renewable energy source which can provide solutions for any energy sector- including transport, power, heating and cooling. Its confirmed that 74.6% of the biomass energy consumed is to product heat and in addition to create renewable energy and fuel for transport.

At present, biomass imports represent 3.84% of the EUs bioenergy gross inland consumption which means that more than 3.84% of the EU’s bioenergy gross inland consumption is used by residents. With further government support of bioenergy, the economy is set to see a surge in job opportunities, as well as considerable growth.

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